Time Attendance Solution
  • Work hour management, and calculation of wages and overtimes at public and government institutions and corporations.

  • Work hour management for part time and full time employees at factories, construction sites, and franchise stores.

  • Drinking water management and attendance management at cafeteria, schools and after-schools.


Access Control Solution
  • Card Reader Systems:
    Card-based access control solutions are perhaps the most ubiquitous in the world. These systems allow access only after the user has passed their card through a reader. These cards usually have a magnetic strip on the back, which contains their information, such as password and identification.

  • Smart Chip Technology:
    Smart chip technology allows users to access areas without having to swipe a card through a reader, in some cases. While some chip-type cards must still be run through a reader, others utilize RF (radio frequency) systems, allowing users to unlock a specific door simply by walking up to it.

  • Comprehensive Software:
    The operating and management software is a vital consideration with any type of access control solution. The right software will allow you to manage security clearance, print visitor passes instantly, customize employee badges and more. In addition, the software allows you to track payroll via security card usage, ensuring the most accurate time and attendance tracking possible.
Network Video Solution

All you need for CCTV/IP-Surveillance solution to secure the safety of people and places, to remotely monitor property and facilities, ASIS can meet your needs.
  • Retail Surveillance

  • Education Surveillance

  • Transportation environments

  • Industrial Surveillance

  • City Surveillance

  • Government Surveillance

  • Bank and Health Care Surveillance

Key Management Solution
  • Keys are secured in a locked (or unlocked) enclosure and each key is assigned a physical and logical location (or a hook as in the more primitive systems).

  • Each key or key bundle may be assigned to an individual whose security credentials permit the use of that key during that time period. Authority systems range from a guard identifying and issuing keys in primitive systems to automated locking, release, tracking and timing system in advanced systems.

  • Returned keys are logged in (electronically or in writing) providing management with a report of when and to whom the keys were issued and whether keys are available or remain out.

Intercom Solution
  • Home and Personal Security :
    With the use of a Video Intercom system you can view who is at your door before deciding to let them in. If the visitor is not someone you know you can find out the reason for their visit before opening the door. A video intercom can also be used for surveillance recording which is handy if you are going to be away from your home for a period of time and many units can support multiple cameras for all round protection.

  • Room Monitoring:
    With a central control panel and room stations set-up around the house you can use your intercom to monitor what is going on in those rooms. Keep tabs on the kids playing in the back room or use it to listen for when your sleeping baby awakes. With these units you can also communicate with the occupants of the room, so the kids will have no excuse for not hearing you ever again!

  • Automated Entry:
    add an automatic gate opener to your intercom system and protect your home at the frontline. Gate openers are available to suit all types of gates, from single to double and swing or sliding gates. Open your front gate with the push of a button and with a self locking unit be assured that once your visitor is inside the gate will not be able to be manually opened by anyone else.
Optical Turnstiles System

An optical turnstile is a security industry term for a pedestrian monitoring and control system that uses a card access system, infrared sensors and an intelligent control unit to detect and count persons walking through a lane or passageway.
  • Key Features & Benefits:
    Attractive design compliment upscale lobbies
    Quiet operation
    High throughput rate
    Superior tailgate/piggyback detection
    Safety sensors and “soft touch” barrier impact detection
    Reduces manpower needed for guarding entry areas

Intrusion Solution
  • Security Solutions
    Tecnoalarm research has developed, for each specific security requirement, three different levels of detecting intruders. Long range barriers for the outdoors, designed for detection in large areas such as gardens, squares, entrances. Perimeter barriers which protect the entire building and each single door and window. Indoor detectors which can detect the presence of an intruder in each specific area of building. All Tecnoalarm components are available in wireless versions to guarantee easy installation even in areas with difficult access. The interface to the security system in user friendly thanks to consoles with interactive vocal functions.
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